Pretty Good, Tiffany & Co!

Winner winner, chicken dinner. Or sparkly gowns and junior mints, rather. The 2017 Oscars didn't disappoint. Glamour, goosebumps, giggles and gasps. I only saw one of the movies nominated, but it won best picture so I guess I chose well. Seriously, go see Moonlight if you haven't. Amazing.

Of course, one my favorite parts of awards shows is always the jewelry. So, can we talk about Tiffany's? I was blown away. Twice.

First Jessica Biel. This is one moment where maybe I will admit that she is worthy of my super crush, Justin.  

Seriously, how cute is he? My heart!

But that necklace wins. the. show. I was not expecting it to be by Tiffany & Co. So current, so beautiful, and not about stones or gems, just incredible design. And that dress by KaufmanFranco? "Perfection" indeed. 

And now Emma Stone (my husbands super crush, and I can't blame him). Those earrings (again Tiffany & Co.) are the epitome of elegance. Congratulations winners. Stunning stunning stunning. 

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  • BetsyL

    I agree, I agree! I was among a group of five, including three HIGHLY opinionated women, and we had something to say about nearly every ensemble that passed down the red carpet. These jewelry looks got thumbs-up from our gleefully harsh group. Biel’s necklace in particular. It was almost literally a part of the dress; inextricable. And I second the Oscar for Moonlighting. I can;t recommend it enough. Gorgeous. This was a fun idea for post.

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