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You love making your art, creating, connecting, learning and evolving.

But when it comes to putting yourself out there - SELLING YOURSELF - (cringe) you would rather just go back to your sketchbook, pens & markers, canvas, musical instruments, (insert passion here) and keep doing what feels good, feels safe.


growth. connection. strategy.

"I'm not blocked from creating but from putting myself out there"

— S.A. - Jewelry Designer

"Trying to grow this business by myself is lonely"

— Me! (and many of my clients)

What if you could...

- Feel more comfortable putting yourself out there, even have fun with it!

- Attract more customers/clients, making more sales and more money

- Build relationships and grow your network of friends and colleagues

- Create a step by step marketing plan that feels good for you

"Even when I think I'm planning ahead,

the Holidays seem to sneak up on me"

— Me, before I created my marketing formula!

"I wish I had a system for marketing that felt do-able."

— You?

I hear you.

And the rest of the world wants to hear you too.

It's time to share more of you with more of us.

What would it be like to have a plan that felt good and cheerleaders behind you every step of the way?

Welcome to Summer Session. You are supported and safe here.

I've got you.

This summer, it's time to come together as artists and creatives. To support eachother and come out from behind our art.

Summer Session


> 8+ weeks (July & August)

> Four hours of one to one coaching/mentorship with Anne Woodman, certified life and business coach, as well as successful artist and creative business owner.

Here we will clarify your vision, identify where you're stuck (and what's REALLY holding you back) and create achievable goals.

> Four group calls where I teach you proven strategies for marketing and structuring your business. As well as the mindset work that has changed EVERYTHING for me!

This is also where you'll meet fellow creative business owners to connect, get feedback, support, networking and who knows maybe make a new business bestie!

> Access to my signature, life changing Gratintention guide

> My personal marketing formula, customized for YOUR business

Let's Talk


In this program you will be getting 4 one on one coaching sessions, 4 group coaching calls, support between sessions, and marketing materials.

Not to mention the immeasurable value of the long lasting shifts you'll make within yourself and the friendships that may develop.

Sliding scale pricing means I want to meet you where you are. Let's talk about where you are.

Ps. One of my favorite parts of coaching is helping artists make more money doing what they love.

What clients are saying...

65% increase!!

My business had a 65% increase! So, YAY, thank you for your help!"

— K.W.

I feel like I'm in control

I feel like I am more in control of my life now, and seeing the bigger picture instead of just what is right in front of me.

— D.D.

I'm so excited!

I hired Anne as a coach because I was looking for a career change, and didn't even know what I wanted to do for work. Since this coaching, I have discovered my true passion and I am actively pursuing it. I am so excited! I can't believe how it all has happened so fast!

— N.M.

Summer Session

I'd love to have you join us, let's schedule a call to chat about your business and your art.

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