Certified Co-Active Coach

Are you ready for a change? A boost? A shift? 

I help artists, creatives and small business owners get out of their own way and move closer to their dreams. 

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anne woodman
  • Anne Woodman

    “Anne helped me get more clear on what I need to do with business stuff, I definitely feel less anxious about all of it. ”

    Music Creator & Teacher

  • Anne Woodman

    “I hired Anne as a coach because I didn't even know what I wanted. Since this coaching, I have discovered my true passion and I am actively pursuing it.”

    Creative Political Leader & Activist

  • Anne Woodman

    “Since working with Anne, I've seen a 65% increase in revenue from my business!”

    Small Business owner

  • Anne Woodman

    “Anne helped me feel like I am more in control of my life, I'm seeing the bigger picture instead of just what is right in front of me.”

    Creative Business Leader


   Ready? It's time to take the first step.  

anne cece

YOU: You are thoughtful, creative and overwhelmed. You want to grow. You want to expand your business and your life. You just don't know where to start.

ME: I am an artist and creative business owner who has been running a successful jewelry company for 15 years, all while navigating life (divorce, motherhood, moving) and my own ADHD/creative brain.

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