I know that you already have all the answers inside of you.

Just like mine have always been inside of me.


From jewelry maker to coach

Born and raised right smack dab in the middle of New York City by artist parents, it took me a long time to find my path in life and in my career.

I tried all the things (yes, ALL THE THINGS) from art school to modeling/acting, to waitressing in jazz clubs and dancing on top of bars, to creating handmade photo albums, you name it. If it was creative & unconventional, I tried it.

Then I found my art in jewelry. It opened me up to myself. And it started me on a journey of self discovery.

Through major life changes (motherhood, moving to Maine, divorce to name a few) I found more joy. And self acceptance.

My growth was accelerated by working with a coach. Watching and experiencing my own transformation inspired me to become a coach myself to help others get more of the things they really want. 

My experience as a creative business owner, growing my jewelry business over the last 15 years with marketing, wholesale, opening a brick and mortar ALL while navigating my ADHD creative brain, AND being naturally surrounded by artists my whole life has led me to my more specific work with creative business owners, many of whom also have ADHD. 

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