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Happy Easter & Passover. Celebrating both is one of my most favorite blessings. 

I have so much to say about this. 

First I want to extend love and respect to everyone everywhere, no matter what you celebrate or believe or don't celebrate or don't believe. The following is just a part of my personal story and journey and I'm hoping it's relatable on some level and/or that it starts a conversation. 

Running in Central Park this morning, I was struck by the beautiful diversity of all my fellow runners out there. All colors, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and fitness levels. 

Growing up in New York City, surrounded by this diversity, is one of the things I am most grateful for in my life. 

When I was a kid with my mom on the upper west side, some years we celebrated Easter, usually with one of my sets my grandparents who all attended church regularly. 

And some years we celebrated Passover, my mother hosting a Seder with many of her (and my) friends. 

Both experiences felt more educational than spiritual to me. But fun. 

Some years we did both. 

My daughter and I had an impromptu conversation about religion yesterday after we left Hobby Lobby, where she was faced with more Christian decor than she had ever encountered in one place. 

"They even have Jesus stuff on clearance!" She remarked, sending me into a fit of laughter and hushing. 

Later in the car I felt it necessary to point out that we don't disrespect peoples' desires and rights to celebrate their religious beliefs and that religion isn't "bad". 

I'm not a huge fan of Hobby Lobby because of their political beliefs and practices. But it would be terribly unfortunate if, through my daughter's eyes, that directly corresponded to Christianity. So I hope I got through to her. It's hard to tell with 13 year olds. 

I remember when I first started listening to the story of the resurrection in church and my eight year old mind went, huh? 

And I remember being at a sunrise service with my grandparents on the top of Cadillac mountain at 4am and probably about 20 degrees fahrenheit. The pastor had a drip of snot hanging from his nose that was frozen. I was trying not to gag, and again thinking, "why are we here?".

But now I look at Easter differently. I was in a conversation recently in which someone said they believe the resurrection is a metaphor. YES! That is definitely something I can get behind. It makes so much sense. An awakening. A rebirth, in Spring, new life, I'm all in. 

And Passover too, can be a metaphor for a similar feeling. Release from bondage. New life. Freedom. And this year, the story of Passover seems even more significant when we feel into what the people of Ukraine are going through. 

It's all an opportunity to reflect and be with loved ones and celebrate life. 

So I'll end all of this rambling and pass the mic to you. What do you celebrate? What's your favorite part? What's most meaningful to you?

Sending love, Anne

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