Fine jewelry is forever

Last night I was home alone, snowed in and disappointed from plans being cancelled because of the weather.

So... I made myself a gin martini, netflixed season two of The Crown and pretended to be princess. 

That lead me to my jewelry box, looking for something sparkly to dress up my hands.

In my search, I came across this ring.

vintage horseshoe ring gold and diamonds

And I was transported to a different era of my life. Twenty three, obsessed with the movie "True Romance" and trying to embody Patricia Arquette. 

This ring was given to me by a boyfriend who loved me more than I loved him, and at the time, that gave it a sour undertone. But now, 20 years later, I am free to just love her as a fabulous piece of jewelry, and I do. I freaking LOVE this ring! I can't believe it's been hiding in my jewelry box all this time and I had completely forgotten about it!! 

But that's the thing about fine jewelry. It's forever. It doesn't go bad. It holds up. It gets passed it down from generation to generation carrying souls and stories with its sparkles. It feels special, valuable and solid. 

The jewelry I make is light, whimsical and fun. But lately I'm finding myself called to create something more permanent. 

What do you think? What do you love most about fine jewelry?

I'm so happy to have you on my journey of self discovery and creation as an artist.

And I'm so excited for what's coming next!



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