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Halloween Accessories and Decor

halloween home decor

Something about this year feels different... UMMMM, YA THINK?!?!?!

One thing I've noticed is that I'm way more into home decor (because that's what I'm looking at all freakin' day long) and finding joy in the little things. 

For instance, this year, I'm getting super excited about the approach of Halloween. Full disclosure, I have ZERO costume ideas (suggestions welcome)...

I just want to decorate my whole house with Day of the Dead stuff, carve pumpkins, light candles and eat candy. 

How do you decorate for Halloween/fall? I'm always looking for inspiration. 

If you're looking for some fun art to add to your decor, these are some of my favorite prints with a fall feel...

Meredith Wing signed print       Bill Woodman Cartoon Print

Now that it's almost October, I've started wearing these skull earrings that I LOVE.

 Skull Earrings        Gunmetal Skull Earrings

These used to only be available in the shop, but now there are (very) small quantities available in the

sample sale section of the website, yay!

Short Gold Skull Earrings        Gold Skull Earrings

 So far, I've been wearing the gunmetal ones every day, but will probably go back and forth between these and the shiny gold. At $24 a pair, you might be able to afford to have one of each as well.

Happy Fall! Happy Halloween! Happy Decorating! Happy staying home, eating candy and shopping online!

Love ya!


Cat Halloween Pumpkin

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