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Happy Flowers: Mission to spread joy for Mother's Day

Happy Flowers: Mission to spread joy for Mother's Day

3 flowersAs Mother's Day approaches, I am reminded of a story. About a year ago, a close friend of mine lost her mother in law to cancer. She was a beautiful woman, beautiful soul, and I'll never forget her smile.


It happened right around the time I was beginning this journey to find the purpose behind my happy flower jewelry and why I make it. 

beaded flower necklace

As this lovely woman was leaving our world, my dear friend was by her side. She happened to be wearing a pair of beaded flower earrings in navy blue that I had made for her a couple years back.*

During a lucid moment just hours before her death, the mother in law noticed them and said, "your earrings, I like them" and smiled.

I don't pretend to be the reason for that smile. I know it was the face of my friend, her beloved daughter in law, that she was smiling at.

But those earrings are super fun, and whenever I see anyone wearing them, it makes me smile. With or without this story, they just beg a smile out of you. They're happy.

beaded flower earrings

I do this for smiles, to spread joy. If someone puts on a piece of jewelry and it makes them smile, makes people around them smile, let that be my contribution to the world. 

So here's what I'm thinking. I want to spread a lot more smiles. I want more people walking around wearing smile-inducing beaded flower earrings. This is how I want to celebrate life for Mother's Day. I'm going to give some earrings away. 

Tell me why you'd love a pair of beaded flower earrings. Or tell me about someone else who you think would love them. Tell me what colors you would love to have them in. I make beaded flower earrings in almost any color imaginable. 

Leave a comment below or send an email to

This is only my first idea about how to get more of these out into the world, I have a few more up my sleeve.

Happy Everyday and almost Mother's Day to you!



 *In fact, she might be the inventor of the idea of the beaded flower earrings, so many of my designs are born that way, "hey, I love the beaded flowers on this necklace, can you make me a pair of earrings like that?" 

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  • I will admit, I saw this post on Twitter and the word “cancer” caught my eye. I was diagnosed just last year, and it still feels like yesterday. Reading this hits home, in the sense that I am also a jewelry designer (albeit part time) and I really work to carve time out to still make jewelry because it makes me happy. It makes others happy, which also makes me happy. I would love a pair of your earrings because of the story and because they are fun!

    anne keane on

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