Happy photo shoot - New headbands!

What is it about girls approaching tween-hood? They want so much to be mature, but that adorable baby-ness is still present in the best way (don't tell them I said that). These two glamour girls were beyond thrilled to model the new head band collection "professionally" and they did an amazing job. They chose the wardrobe (dresses hand picked at the local thrift store in Katonah, NY) and did their own hair and make-up.

new spring girls headbands

Genuine girl-ness swells through every photo from this day. They are great friends, they had so much fun, and they are so cute, I can't...

new girls headbands for spring

And it's not just because they are mine (well one is mine and one is a dear friends, so same thing) but because this time between child and tween won't last and I want to hold tight to every moment. 

new headbands for girls

Oh, these girls... 

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  • Betsy Loredo

    This made me think of a photo I have of me and my bosom friend Melissa ‘round about this time in our lives. Heads together sharing some deep desecrate. We both LOVE that photo and refer to it often, not least because the same image was mirrored in others photos of us through the years, and in moments that weren’t snapped, just had that same sense of closeness. They’ll be so happy to have these wonderful images of friendship when they are old and (going) gray, like me!

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