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Happy Solstice Flower!!!!

Happy Solstice Flower!!!!

Happy Solstice! 

What’s your plan for the longest day of the year?

I woke up later than normal, watched my seal friend and a couple seagulls enjoy a huge school of fish in the bay, and came to The Shop, where the power is out. 

Anne Woodman - The Shop Bar Harbor, Maine

 So I’m starting this post using text edit on my laptop, sitting in the man chair, in the dark. 

 But what I WILL do today once the power (and internet) comes back is to add this flower necklace to the website and finish with all the new prices. (done)

 Anne Woodman gold Lily Necklace

Do you remember this lily? It’s one of my earlier designs and then I struggled with perfecting it and got frustrated with it then and ignored it for a while. Poor thing. 

Well, I just realized that today is the perfect day to bring it back because it kind of reminds me of the sun. And today is the day we get the most of that!

When I first designed this piece, it was meant to be a starfish (actually I learned that the proper term is Sea Star, or Asteroidea, but will go with sea star).

My sea star ended up looking more like a flower to me (as things do) and I called it a lily. 

The sea star kept nagging at me though. And I became obsessed with the fact that lilies have 6 petals not 5 so I decided to make another lily necklace. Remember this one?

 Anne Woodman lily necklace with crystal

Recently, I was drawn to make more of the original lily design and they’ve been getting a lot of positive attention here in the store, so I’m bringing it back. Permanently. Probably. 

Should I bring back the earrings too? 

Anne Woodman gold lily earrings

Well, here's to letting go of perfection and over thinking. So what if actually lilies have 6 petals. My lilies have 5. Whatever. It’s art. 

I still do want to make a sea star necklace, by the way. It's in the works...

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