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Inspiration - Cecelia's name and generations...

Inspiration - Cecelia's name and generations...

My daughter turned 9 this week. Her birthday has me reflecting about what it's been like watching her grow, and all the inspiration she has given me. One thing that I keep coming back to is how much she reminds me of my Grandmother, who she is named after. 

anne woodman baby necklaec       cecelia anne woodman kids necklace

My grandma died while I was pregnant with Cecelia, I was there with her, holding her hand. I knew that I was having a girl, and that my baby would carry on a piece of this funny lady's legacy. So I had to use her name. Problem was, my grandmother's name was Anne. Anne Fey Shelley. Naming my daughter Anne seemed a little self involved (even for me), Fey was eh.. Fey? And Shelley was already taking by a beautiful cousin. What to do? That's when Grandma gave me a gift, Cecelia. While going through papers and cleaning things out after her death, we discovered that she had dropped her middle name when she got married in order to keep her maiden name, Fey. Her middle name had been Cecelia. The most beautiful name I could have ever dreamed of. Cecelia, I mean... it's so perfect. 

anne woodman 3 generation necklace set

My grandma gave me a lot of things, my love of jewelry and bourbon, a sneaky sense of humor, my daughter's beautiful name and her same smile. 

She and Cecelia both inspired me to make this necklace set for grandmothers and grand daughters...

3 generations of stars necklace set3 generations of love necklace set heart necklace Anne Woodman

We are all generations of love, We are all generations of stars.

Cheers Grandma! Thanks for all the gifts!

Anne Woodman grandma necklace

Seen here celebrating her 90th birthday. Like a boss. 

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  • “Like a boss.” That, combined with the photo, made me cackle out loud. At my desk, with a crowd of meeting-goers passing by. It would be a dream to have someone say some such in memory of me. So I guess I’m going to have to pick up the habit of supping bourbon, wearing boas or being otherwise rad. You, on the other hand won’t have to change a thing to have your granddaughter/grandson someday reminisce, “My grandma…man, she was the bomb!” (Or whatever kids will be saying those days.)

    Betsy on
  • Beautiful!! How lucky you were to have 2 amazing grandmothers. Ada was a gem too.

    Cindy Lowe on

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