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Here's how I remember the inspiration that led to the creation of this design.

The bolo ring earrings came from ordering some brass rings online that I wanted to use for something else, I've forgotten now what for. When the rings arrived, I saw that there was a groove around the outside, I wasn't expecting that. It looked like something should be nestled in it around the outside. Color. 

bolo ring earrings bolo ring earrings


As an artist, creativity is a way of life. That can be tricky though.


On the one hand, it’s very celebrated. “You’re so creative” is a thing I hear a lot.


It’s fun to be creative. Gratifying, and a source of pride.


On the other hand, it’s also expected. Mostly by myself, of myself.


Maybe every artist feels this way, but for me, there is a lot of pressure on feeling inspired all the time.


Over the years I’ve learned what helps inspiration come. Space, sobriety, nature… Music, books, travel… Sometimes none of those things work, sometimes the opposite of some.


Most of the time there’s no explanation. It can’t be conjured. It’s just magic.


So the waiting is torture. One feels like it will never come.


Well, that’s it, it was a good run, I guess.


And then one morning you wake up and the brain feels clear and you know something is coming. And that feeling, the hope, is joy.

Anne Woodman artist inspiration

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