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New Goals & Fresh Starts

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I’ve been thinking about new routines lately. Fresh starts, big goals. Maybe it’s the coming of a new year that makes us want to make a change. 

One thing that keeps coming up for me is to start now. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day.

This came up in a coaching session with one of my clients this week. “In January I’ll start doing…” What if we reframed that message. What if we said, “By January, I’ll be doing…” Start now.

The goal is to already be in the habit of doing this new thing when the new year starts. In a way, it takes the pressure off, and in another way it holds you accountable to actually making a change. It’s easy to say “When this, then this” “I’ll start the diet tomorrow” (FYI, I don’t believe in diets, that’s just a popular expression that everyone knows).

Have you thought of any goals for the new year? What can you do today to support yourself in achieving them?

Pick one goal and make a plan today. It takes a while to form a new habit. Give yourself some extra space and grace BEFORE the new year so you can feel like you are already on your way.


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