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During these dizzying hot days of summer, I'm all of a sudden finding myself giving way to play. Making jewelry just for fun, reading about healing properties of stones, dreaming of new designs, business ideas, and store re-designs 😳.

As if summer in Bar Harbor isn't busy enough!

But this is what led me to Peridot. A couple days ago, I started researching August's birthstone to see if I could learn something new. Did I ever. 

These beautiful green gems have been mined in Egypt for over 3500 years. Egyptians refer to peridot as the "gem of the sun" And believe that it can harness the powers of the elements. 

Used on the heart and throat chakras, Peridot's healing properties can bring clarity and help with communication and developing (especially romantic) relationships. 

It can also be healing to the heart and the stomach. 

Well the universe sent me this information at just the right time. My sweet Cece has been having a rough week and coping with some pretty big stuff. I was inspired to put this little talisman together for her and I can't wait to give it to her today when she gets home from camp 💚

peridot necklace

I also read that wearing peridots on your right arm can give them even more power so I'm wearing these little rings on my right hand for a while. 

peridot rings

Maybe it's all woo-woo nonsense, or maybe, just maybe, these magical little beads can harness a little bit of the sun and brighten up our day. Stay tuned...






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