Pretty Happy New Year!

Maine woods
Well, 2016 wasn't perfect. 2017 won't be either. But I'm all about not perfect. The most perfect example of non perfect perfection is nature. So come with me on a walk in the woods to lovingly say goodbye to last year and put a positive spin on the year to come.
Maine woods stream
First, reflection. Take a look at your 2016. I dare you to think of three things that you did in 2016 that were super cool, changed your life, or brought you some happiness. Go.
Acadia National Park
How about revelations? Today I climbed this mountain for the first time and discovered that at the top there was actually no vista. But the woods were so lovely during the climb that it made me think of the lesson (so cliche, I know) it's all about the journey. I still had to work at not to being disappointed but whatevs, I went on a solo hike in a purple hat, so that's something. St Sauveur hike
Resolutions. Here are mine for 2017:
-Get comfortable in the skin I'm in (I'll be talking more about that this year, stay tuned).
-Connect often with friends and family
-Spread joy
I actually thought the list was longer but when I went to write them down it was pretty simple. What are yours?
Acadia National Park, Maine
A New Year's lesson from nature: Sometimes the trail is too icy. Don't turn around, find another path. It might just lead to a snippet of joy...
Maine woods hike Acadia
Like a silly heart face in a tree, see it? 
tree face
Or this funny tree face creature...
Tree faces are my favorite.
Happy New Year everyone! It's gonna be a pretty good year, and I thank you for coming along on this journey with me!


  • Darci

    Love this Anne- I’m all about embracing imperfection and enjoying the experience. Hope to see you in the New Year! Cheers!

  • Betsy

    Tree faces ARE the best! Although I do like serendipitous silly faces wherever I find them. Quirky, imperfect ones, especially!

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