Measure your ring size. Free downloadable ring sizer!

Over the holidays we had a lot of ring orders. And A LOT of questions about how to find the right size.

So I did some research and some creating (and some delegating) and here is what I came up with for you...

This is a ring sizer you can download and print and use as many times as you want: 

Anne Woodman free ring sizer

Simply click on the above ring sizer sheet and you should get a pdf in a new window that you can download to your computer, save, and print. 

Please send me a message here if you have any trouble :)

I hope this will help us both to get you the perfect ring that feels comfy and makes you smile. 

So keep this handy, and keep an eye out for new ring designs coming in 2020! 

To check out the current Anne Woodman gold wire rings collection click here.

Happy New Year, loves!







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