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Sample Sale!

Sample Sale!

I often create pieces with elements that are one of a kind, like sea glass or vintage, like these...


And sometimes I make fun little things on a whim that don't necessarily fit in the permanent collection, like these...


When I had the shop in Bar Harbor, I would put them out and they would sell and I wouldn't think much of them again. Many of you may be walking around with a one of a kind piece that I wouldn't remember until I saw it!

(Ps. If you think you have one, send me a pic!)

Well, now that the shop is no more, I've created a home for these whimsies!

Check out the new Sample Sale Section on the website! 

Most of the pieces you will find here are one of a kind, some are limited edition, aka very few quantities, so if you see something you like, act fast! I think you'll find the prices in this section make it easy to do so! 

Happy Shopping!


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