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The Sisterhood - a love story

The Sisterhood - a love story

Anne Woodman Chaos heart necklace gold wire 

This is the necklace I wear every day. I've been wearing it since last Spring. Even though I made it, It was purchased for me by one of my closest friends, a sister by choice. She purchased 5 of these necklaces for 5 of her chosen sisters who helped her navigate some very difficult "chaos" in her life. 

Wearing this necklace reminds me of what sisterhood truly is. I have several sisters in this life. None of them are blood relatives. But the bond we share is deep and strong. 

This is one of the things I am most grateful for. 

Women are so strong and we are stronger together.

Having sisters means I am never alone.

I will always have someone to call.

I will always have someone to help me through my chaos, to listen to my tears and to hold my heart. 

Love is what keeps us strong and together, through whatever chaos is thrown our way.

That's what this necklace means to me. The chaos heart. What does it mean to you? 

Anne Woodman


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  • Lucky me I was gifted this perfectly imperfect heart from my sister. Not my biological sister but what I call a “found” sister. We “found” one another freshman year of high school, homeroom. After asking me to vote for her for student council we became friends. The Chaos Heart represents hope to me. No matter how difficult things get there is always hope for things to right themselves and to ultimately get better. The necklace also reminds me of the joys we celebrate together – it is a case of friendship in both good times AND bad. I am grateful for The Chaos Heart and my sister who thought well enough of me to gift me such a lovely piece.

    AnneMary on
  • I love this necklace! (as you know :) This is a great write up. Hope many people become connected with the necklace and it’s meaning as I did. Cheers – Sandra

    Sandra on

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