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The Grace of Imperfection

The Grace of Imperfection
The grace of imperfection.
One gift that I am surely grateful for is my ability to let go of the perfect. What would have become of this flower design, and all her evolutions, if I had been striving for uniform and symmetry?
All of my best designs have come from letting go. Letting go of perfection, letting go of control. When I literally let the wire curve the way it wants to, don't force it, that's when beauty happens.
This has become a metaphor for the way I live my life.
There's so much beauty in the allowing. When you stop resisting, stop fighting and forcing and flipping out.
Just allow, and then sit back and watch.
What have you been fighting with in your life? Or is it a Who? Someone else, or yourself? What if you just let go a little bit. What if you loosened your grip on perfection?
I don't know who I'm talking to right now but I can hear you resisting these words, "But I have let go, I stopped calling, I stopped fighting"
My answer is "please quiet down, look within, there is always more to allow. Always."
I love you.
I promise the allowing is where the peace lives, not in the perfection.
Now you, What are your thoughts? Where is your resistance?
Leave a comment down below, or send me a DM if you prefer more privacy. I'm here with open arms (cue my favorite Journey song) to hold space for you and listen ❤️
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