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The guarantee

The guarantee

anne woodman signature flower necklace

Did you know that your Anne Woodman flower necklace comes with a lifetime warrantee? 

My accountant might scoff, but I want all of my happy flowers to stay happy. 

That goes for all of my gold filled jewelry

Here's a story... A while back, I had a heart swelling moment when I opened a package from a customer. She had emailed me saying that she bought her flower necklace 4 or 5 years ago and she wears it every day, but it was a little beat up and she wondered if I could try to fix it for her. 

This is what her flower looked like:

anne woodman loved flower necklace

It made me think of a teddy bear with a lost eye and a torn off ear. Loved. Loved hard. 

I cried, and then just made her a new one. 

Just a few days ago, I received a package from another longtime client with three necklaces to be "refurbished". Here's what they looked like:

3 anne woodman necklaces

First of all, notice that they are still gold? Remember last week's post about 14k gold filled... That's why. 

Second of all, seeing my jewelry like this makes me so happy. It means you are wearing it.

A lot. And you are loving it. And on some level, wearing it and loving it is making you happy.

Maybe it's even making people around you smile. That's what I like to imagine.

Thank you!!! For helping me spread joy, for helping me fulfill my mission and for accompanying me on this journey!

If you have any loved Anne Woodman Jewelry that needs some up-keep, please let me know! Lifetime guarantee, I said!

The above three necklaces have been returned looking like new and I hope are playfully hanging around my lovely client's neck.

anne woodman dragonfly necklaceanne woodman leaf necklaceanne woodman signature flower with gemstone


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  • Thanks Anne! great to received the necklaces, all refreshed and shiny! I wear one of them everyday:)

    ALissa on

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